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I recently did a seminar and spoke about the 4 steps to success in health and Fitness. The first one being Mindset.

Mindset is a word used a lot these days and is becoming more popular. 

Your mindset is essentially your beliefs, assumptions and perceptions about yourself and your capabilities based on your life experience.

You’ve probably heard of a positive and a negative mindset.

In Carol Dwecks book “Mindset” she explains two different types of mindset; Fixed and growth.

I’ve taken an image from below:


To summarize the image, a fixed mindset that their potential is pre-determined and doesn’t change, whereas a person with a growth mindset believes that they can continually develop and grow over time.

The first step with Mindset is awareness. Awareness of your thoughts and how they affect you.

Awareness: First get a diary and start to take note of your thoughts and jot them down. Every little thing that comes into your head.  You will start to notice a pattern. That may be good or bad. A lot of times we have thoughts that don’t serve us or are negative. Your thoughts lead to your Feelings which lead to your Actions = Results.

Question your thoughts and beliefs: In Byron Katie’s book “Loving what is” she has 4 questions to ask yourself. The first one is “Is this true”? Start to call BS on your thoughts as a lot of them are just stories you’ve made up in your head.  E.G I will never lose weight because I have a slow metabolism..

Is that really true?

You will start to notice that a lot of the crap in our heads comes from stories made up in our unconscious minds.

To start forming a more positive mindset, record your wins.

Write down 3 things that went well at the end of the day. It might be something small like drinking your 2 litres of water. It may be that you got your workout in.

This gives you positive feedback that you are making progress and you are focusing on what went well, not beating yourself up over something small.

You could do the opposite too. Look at something that didn’t go well or as planned, and try seeing how you could do it better next time.

Working out in general can also have a very positive impact on your brain and overall state. So make sure you are training 2-3 times a week minimum! For a free trial workout click here .

Hope this helps. Feel free to share this with anyone that struggles with the head stuff! (I’m no expert but learning more myself too!)


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