7 common mistakes people make in the gym


If you look around in whatever gym you are in, chances are you will see a lot of people doing things that are questionable and even dangerous.

Here are 7 things you should avoid in the gym:

  1. Lifting with your ego – I know it sure feels good to lift the heaviest weight possible to give yourself an ego boost or attempt to impress that cute girl nearby. But doing this will either lead to injury or poor results. Lift a weight you can control without using excessive momentum or swinging
  2. injuredWinging it – having no set plan or structure in place If you are just winging it each workout and using whatever machine is free, you are probably wasting your time in the gym. Exercise should be a structured and progressive process where you can measure progress over time.
  3. Taking too much rest – Doing one set of an exercise and texting friends or taking selfies is a surefire way to make no progress and p*** some people off! Rest times should be kept to 30-60 seconds mostly unless you are training for strength and attempting maximum lifts.
  4. Exercising on bosu balls – The purpose of exercise is to get stronger on a stable surface. Lifting weights while trying to balance on a bosu ball has no functional carry over and can increase the risk of injury.
  5. Spending 1 hour or more in the gym – Despite what you may think, more doesn’t equate to better with exercise. For most people you shouldn’t need to spend an hour or more in the gym. Focus on increasing the intensity of your workout, not the duration. If you are there for 1 hour, chances are the workout isn’t very challenging.
  6. Doing an extended cardio warm up – I’ve seen the programs where you are told to do 10-15 minutes on the cross trainer or treadmill to “warm up”. You don’t need to do cardio to warm up. A couple of body-weight exercises and some light weight sets is enough to warm up the body. You want to save most of your energy for the actual workout, which should be resistance training. If you have time and you want to, do some cardio at the end.
  7. Chasing the sweat – you don’t have to be sweating buckets to have a good workout. I could get you to sweat by doing 50 burpees, but it doesn’t mean it was a great workout that will improve your body composition.

Can you relate to some of these? Feel free to share this if you think other’s would benefit from it.

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