How health and fitness leads to everything else..

One thing I ask people during consultations is “When you look in the mirror, how happy do you feel about your body on a scale of 1-10? 10 being very happy.

It’s interesting to hear how people feel about themselves. 

The thing is, how you feel about yourself has a knock on effect on all other areas.

Imagine you’re someone who hates how they look in the mirror.

How will that impact your social life?
When you are asked on a night out, what kind of anxiety will that bring just thinking of how you will look or what you’re going to wear.

Then, what about your confidence with the opposite sex? If you don’t feel good about yourself, you probably won’t put yourself out there to meet people.

So, you can see how your health and fitness has a knock-on effect on every other area of life.

On the contrary, what if you were confident in your body?

What if you liked what you seen in the mirror.

That scale moved up to an 8/10.

Let’s be honest, is anyone really a 10/10 unless you’re really in love with yoursellf!

How would you feel? How would that have an impact on your personal and work life?

These are the questions that lead you to discover your ‘why’.

When you know the reason why you are doing it and you keep a vision of how that will feel when you get there, then the how is easier. .

So, pause and ask yourself some of those questions and see what comes up.

If you need help be sure to reach out.

Talk soon


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