Pain and gain

So I’m just back from the dentist for a clean and boy was that painful!

I even listened to music on my headphones to try take my mind off the pain!

Anyway, it’s something that had to be done.

I mean, sure I could leave it and let it go, but then things would only get worse down the road.
So, I know going through some pain now will make sure I’ll hold onto my pearly whites for a long time!

Can you relate to your health and Fitness?

What’s your pain?

For you, Exercise might be your pain. It might be getting up an hour earlier in the morning.

It may be refusing that piece of cake in the office.

Maybe it’s the feeling you get every time you go shopping and want to look good in new clothes.

Whatever your pain is, embrace it.

Use it as motivation.

It may be hard to get to the gym and be consistent from week to week, but you will be rewarded. (Assuming you’re doing it right!)

What pain are you willing to go through now, so that in 3,6 or 12 months’ time, you will be happy you went through the pain period.

Look forward to the end goal, and know that the sacrifice’s and pain you go through now, will pay off.

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