Excuses, Excuses..

Have you ever found yourself making excuses? We’re all guilty at some point. I’m too tired, it’s too late, it’s too early, I’ll go tomorrow, I don’t need to, i don’t have time, I’m too busy..etc

Problem is, with all the excuses you can convince yourself that it’s not your fault for the way you look now. You can blame everything and anyone around you for the body you see in the mirror staring back at you. But the mirror doesn’t lie. And that body you have now is a direct result of the decisions you have made in the last 5 years. So, you can keep fooling yourself into thinking it’s factors outside your control, but the reality is it’s not. Sure, you might be busy. You might have 3 kids to look after. But it’s still no excuse. You CAN change your body if you really want to. To quote Tony Robbins “Until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change, nothing will happen.” So, where are you right now? Is the pain your in when you look in the mirror enough to make a change? Or are you happy dismissing the mirror and blaming other things? That’s why one of my client success principles is taking responsibility for your own success. I can help and have helped lots of people, but they have to act and take responsibility themselves. The first step to changing your body is acknowledging where you are now and accepting responsibility. To request a consultation follow the link and fill out the form: https://specialisedpersonaltraining.activehosted.com/form/1085 Nigel

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