4 ways to measure how good your Nutrition is..

Nutrition can be quite complex but it can also be quite simple.

There are 4 criteria that a good nutrition plan should meet:

  1. Good nutrition properly controls energy balance.
  2. Good nutrition provides nutrient density.
  3. Good Nutrition achieves health, body composition and performance goals.
  4. Good nutrition is honest and outcome based.

Energy balance is the relationship between “energy in” (calories taken in) and energy out (calories used). This dictates whether weight is lost or gained or remains the same.

You can eat really healthy but still be in a calorie surplus and put on weight.

Nutrient density is the ratio of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber etc) relative to the total calorie content of food. A food with high nutrient density contains a large amount of nutrients. Think of spinach, brocolli, greens etc

But a good nutrition plan should also improve health, as well as body compostion. Too many focus on drastically losing weight while sacraficing their health and performance.

One thing to ask yourself is “How do I feel”?

Have I more energy? Am I sleeping better? Am I improving my body?

If so, then the nutrition plan is working.

If not, then there’s some room for improvement.

The last one is about being honest and outcome based.

Some people say “I eat really healthy” but I’m still overweight.

Then, obviously something isn’t working.

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