How to actually achieve your 2018 goals

So it’s a New Year and a good time to reflect on the last year and what went well and what didn’t.

Most people decide to set some resolutions at the start of the year. However, the failure rate for these are pretty terrible. According to statistics, 92% of people who set goals don’t achieve them. 

That’s why gyms are busy for the first couple of weeks in January, then you start to see it getting a little quieter as time goes on.

People in the industry tend to make fun of this trend where the New years resolutioner’s come for a couple of weeks and then disappear.

So, what do you need to do to achieve your goals?

I’m going to write 5 things that I think are the most important parts to achieve your goals.

  1. Set realistic expectations: You have to start with a realistic expectation of what you can achieve. Everyone wants instant results and gratification and it doesn’t help when you’re bombarded with quick fix solutions that reel you in and leave you with nothing but a lighter wallet.

Sometimes people will come to me with a completely unrealistic expectation of what they can achieve. Maybe they haven’t exercises for months on end but want to drop 1 stone in a month.

For weight loss, it really depends on where you are starting from. Someone with a lot of weight to lose may lose it quicker than the average person.

But, even still a healthy weight loss is around 1-3lbs per week. Weight loss isn’t the same as fat loss. If you do a fast or just massively reduce calories and lose 6lbs on the scale, that’s not all body fat. Probably a lot of it is muscle mass, which you want to hold onto to preserve your metabolism.

  1. Mindset: This is an important one because if you don’t believe you will achieve your goals then unconsciously you will sabotage yourself. I’m not a qualified mindset coach but it’s something I am studying more as I work on my own mindset too and realise how important it is.

From what I have learned, there are 3 things you can do.

Firstly, you need to become more aware of what beliefs you might have that are holding you back. Address the limiting beliefs in your head and start there. If you see yourself as a failure or someone who will never lose weight, then all the exercise and nutrition advice won’t work. Just because you tried before and it didn’t work doesn’t mean it never will. Start with questioning some of the thoughts and beliefs you have and turn them around to more empowering ones.

Then, practice some visualizations of you achieving your goals. Sit for 5 minutes a day and just imagine yourself in the body/ health you want, achieving your goals and doing the daily habits/exercise etc to get you there.

Record wins: At the end of the day, journal what went well and where you have made progress. This helps keep you focused on what went well, even if it’s just getting in your workout. You can still record what didn’t go well and how you can improve on it.

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  1. Nutrition

Nutrition is paramount to achieving your goals. If you don’t eat right then no amount of exercise will make up for it. For Nutrition, it can be really complicated or really simple. It’s best to make it simple as you can.

That means looking at where you are right now and what you can work on changing currently. Not trying to change a million things and telling yourself that you are going to eat perfectly clean every day!

Do you drink any water? If you don’t then this could be the first thing you work on.

Do you eat mindfully? How long do you take to have a meal? Ideal Recommendations are 15-20 minutes.

What’s your relationship like with food? Do you punish yourself if you have something bad?  If you have a bad relationship with food then that needs to be worked on, otherwise you will cycle through good and bad days mixed with starvation and punishment. I advise not to beat yourself up if you have a bad day and just get back on track. Learn how to include some of your favorite foods without guilt rather than restrict.

A lot of nutrition is forming good habits. The 5 habits I cover in my free fat loss challenge will go a long way toward helping most people.

  1. Exercise: Consistent exercise is better than sporadic bursts of exercise. Again, that’s where most people fall of is the consistency part.

Exercise, like nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated too much. There’s no such thing as a perfect program.

Get good at a few basic compound exercises (Legs, pushing, pulling exercises), make sure you are exercising correctly with flawless technique, track your numbers to make sure you are making progress and allow enough time for recovery.

How many times you exercise each week comes down to what’s realistic for you. If you can get 3 times per week consistently, that’s better than doing 5 days a week one week and one day the next.

When you are in the gym, train hard and focused. Try to do one more rep than you done last time and strive for continuous improvement.

  1. Embrace the work

Getting in shape isn’t easy or everyone would be in great shape. Sometimes, you have to go to the gym when you don’t want to. Or prepare a healthy meal when you’d prefer to go to the take-away.

There isn’t a quick fix, so if you aren’t willing or ready to put in the work that it takes, that’s fine. But, there’s no use in complaining about the results you didn’t get when you know you didn’t put in the work required.

Also, it’s not easy trying to do all of this on your own. That’s why people seek out coaches.

Accountability is one of the main factors for achieving goals. If you’d like to work with me on achieving your goals this year, click here to fill in the form for a free initial session.

Hope you got some value from that. Share it with others you think might benefit from this. It’s good karma 🙂

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