Is knowledge power?

“Knowledge is power”

Is that true would you say?

I think knowledge is potential power. Taking action on that knowledge is what makes the difference.

Have you ever gotten a book that was recommended to you but you didn’t get past the first chapter?

Or read a book on health and fitness but not done anything with the info?!

I think we’ve all been guilty of this, myself included. I have a stack of books I’ve been planning to read for a long time!

CEO’s and people who read a lot of books to further their knowledge have a simple habit,
They take time to read for 10-20 minutes every day.

We’re surrounded by health and fitness information, the e-mails you get here have knowledge and tips that will help you when applied.

Why do a lot of people not apply free information?

Generally because we have no accountability or ‘skin in the game.’

We generally value something more when we’ve paid for it.

A deadline also helps.. having some time-frame to work towards gives you an end goal time and a process to get to your goal.

Be it 12 weeks, 6 months or 12 months. 12 weeks is a good time-frame to make some noteworthy changes to your body and mindset.

I’ve seen some clients drastically change their health and fitness over 12 weeks.

Imagine if you committed 12 weeks or 6 months to your physical and mental health where you could be.

It’s true that transformation begins in the mind. A thought that becomes a decision, then a commitment,

If you want to see what a program like that would look like, fill out this form and i’ll be in touch

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