My story from a frustrated Corporate professional to personal trainer

About 6 years ago I was working in Financial Services.

A typical day for me was to be at the desk for 9am, work a few hours, have a coffee and a ‘treat’ break at 11 to get me through till lunch.

That was normally a hot chicken roll with anther chocolate ‘treat’ and maybe washed down with some fizzy drink.

Home then for 6 O’ clock and veg out on the couch eating dinner, watching tv and snacking on biscuits etc till bed time.

Sound familiar?

It didn’t take me long to feel like crap and out of shape. This was frustrating for me as I had always had an interest in Fitness and Health but just fell into a bad pattern of work, eat and sleep.

I always told myself I didn’t have the time to exercise but now I know that was just an excuse. The only exercise I was doing was a 5 a side game of football once a week.

In hindsight, I wish back then I had looked for help from a coach.

Eventually, however I reached a point where I decided I had enough. I started to gain back my passion for health and fitness and educate myself, then decided to become a Personal Trainer.

I set up my business, Specialised Personal Training, with a mission to help busy professionals get in shape through safe, effective and efficient training and nutritional coaching.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to help many people get into shape without spending hours upon hours in the gym.

If you are reading this and are frustrated with your own health and Fitness but feel you are too busy to do anything, reach out to me here and we can have a chat about your goals.

Talk soon,


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