Stop comparing yourself


“Comparison is the thief of joy”.

You might have heard of that quote before.

It’s something that definitely holds true for many, myself included.

It can go sound like this..

“Look at their perfect body, I’ll never get a body like that..”

“They’re so lucky they are blessed with good genetics/ good looks..”

“They are so much better than me…”

The minute you start comparing yourself to others, you are not only pi**ing yourself off, but you’re sabotaging your own success too!

And then that generally leads to a “F**k it, give up” type attitude.

It’s easy to do and I’ve done it myself before too.

The best thing you can do is become aware of it and catch yourself when you are doing it.

Then, stop focusing on other people and how great they are..

and start focusing on yourself.

Because you don’t really know their full story..

Everyone has some stuff going on behind the scenes that they don’t post about on social media.

And if you’re following someone who seems to be perfect and have it all on social media, then that’s just a highlight reel!

Apps like Instagram where you can touch up your pictures and edit them so they look perfect don’t do anything to help and make you feel worse.. (which reminds me I should delete my Instagram app!)

So focus on your own journey, what you can control and becoming better day to day.

You’ll be happier for it and have a higher self esteem than if you are comparing yourself to Mr. or Miss Perfect on Instagram..

Feel free to share with anyone that needs to hear!


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