This one weird trick to melt bodyfat..

I’m joking!

There is no 1 weird trick to melt bodyfat.

Sorry, If you were expecting some magic secret!

I’m sure you’ve come across these headlines before though…often referred to as clickbait.

Truth is Fat loss etc is simple when it boils down to eat.

Train a couple times of week with weights, consume a variety of foods and be in a calorie deficit, get good sleep and drink lots of water.

That doesn’t sound as sexy as the one wierd trick though!

In reality though, it’s putting all these things into action that stops people from achieving their goal.

Knowledge without action doesn’t achieve anything.

When you have the knowledge, a plan of action AND accountability, that’s when your chances of achieving your goals goes up 100%.

What I’ve noticed for most is that when they have some ‘skin in the game’ i.e they’ve invested some money into solving their problem, they take more action on the knowledge they have.

Added to that they learn how to train effectively rather than going it alone or jumping from one class to another.

I’ve invested in my own coaches to help build myself and my business.

I have a client recently who is on holidays from Australia for 4 weeks.
She is 75 years old and just today deadlifted 40kg!


Now that’s someone who takes her health and Fitness seriously!

I talked to a guy the other day who had a panic attack from working 70-80 hours per week.

Sometimes, we wait untill we are in alot of pain before we decide to do something.

Don’t wait. Act now!

How important is your health and Fitness to you?

If you’d like to book a transformation session, where we talk about what’s holding you back, where you want to get to and why you’ve failed in the past then apply here for a call and I’ll be in touch. Here’s the link:

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