*I have been visiting my home town from Sydney for 3 months. I wanted to continue my training so as to maintain fitness whilst on holiday. Nigel agreed to take me as a client. I had trained in Sydney with a trainer so we discussed my routine and how he could help me. Maintaining fitness which includes mobility, building muscle, balance, cardio work is not easy at 73 years. I found Nigel well able to give the careful attention to the needs of an older client. Nigel devised a program for me which allowed me to reach my objective which was to maintain fitness and have minimal weight gain, which after 3 months of holiday was no easy task but was acheived. My trainer in Sydney will also thank Nigel for his good work. One of Nigel’s strength as a trainer from my experience was his careful monitoring and correction of posture as each excercise was performed he watched how I performed posture very important in training and often neglected but essential with the older client. Patricia Gillespie

*”I did a month of personal training with Nigel after returning to the gym after a three week holiday in Croatia. My aim was to lose body fat but maintain muscle and learn to continue to meet this objective without suffering the injuries I have prone to over the past few years like tennis elbow and sore knees. Nigel’s training style of High Intensity Training definitely helped me towards these three goals. The sessions were tough but Nigel’s positive motivation helped me push myself to the limit and through the fatigue levels where before this I would have given up. In just a month I lost 4% body fat and felt stonger and fitter all over. Plus, the best result of all was that I pushed myself to the limit for a month and the joint pains had completely sub-sided. A great result for a month of training. I would highly recommend Nigel to anyone looking to learn how to lift heavier, improve technique and generally learn to enjoy work outs while pushing yourself to the limit.

John Breheny, Compliance officer

*”Regular Workouts with Nigel have been fantastic – really helped me get my health in the right direction. Best (and toughest!) workouts I’ve had in a while, and it only takes 30 minutes!”
John Foong, Google, Dublin


*”I’ve been training with Nigel for the last year or so. Not only is he an experienced fitness professional, he also works around my busy schedule and makes it easy for me to schedule appointments. He’s dedicated, motivating and pushes me when I need it! He’s personable and what impresses me most is that he tracks every session so I can see clearly where and how I am making improvements not only on paper but also throughout the session. Thanks Nigel!”

Joanne Geary, Sherry Fitzgerald

*I would definitely recommend Nigel as a personal trainer. Nigel is a very friendly, good humored guy full of drive and energy. He knows his stuff and is passionate about helping you to achieve your own health and fitness goals. He encourages you and pushes you to achieve your potential in a firm but friendly way. You always feel that he is 100% focused on you and your progress.

Nigel creates a dynamic program of cardio and strength exercise routines that proved both challenging and productive. His approach is disciplined and structured, yet his easy going nature ensured there was an element of fun involved in the programme.

 Elaine – Legal profession

I am a big believer in preaching what I teach and here is my transformation from two years of consistent training and nutrition. I maintain a good shape year round but also enjoy my food without being very restrictive. I believe in an approach that people can adhere to without starving themsleves and cutting out all the foods they like. With a high intensity training routine and a sensible nutritional approach, combined with a great mindset the result can be inspiring.

Nigel Lyons -Owner and coach

*”I would highly recommend Nigel as a personal trainer. Prior to retaining Nigel, I was exercising but I was not seeing that the benefits of this were comparable to the effort which I was putting in. I had lost some weight myself, however, I was still out of shape and as a result, I had lost motivation and momentum in the gym. Since retaining Nigel as a personal trainer, I have lost a stone in weight and more importantly, my physical shape has changed dramatically to the point where I have had to completely change my wardrobe. I am much fitter, I have improved energy levels and more importantly, I am motivated to continue training and now believe in my own ability to achieve my goals. Nigel’s training programme and nutritional advice have been tailored to take into account my own lifestyle and circumstances and therefore the weight loss goals set by Nigel and myself initially are both realistic and attainable. Nigel’s positive attitude and enthusiastic approach to training, exercise and good nutrition is infectious. Nigel also follows his own advice which was noted by me and encouraged me greatly.
I would recommend Nigel as a personal trainer to anyone who is ready to reclaim their health and fitness and is unsure in precise terms as to how to go about this.”

Mary, Solicitor AIB

*These results may vary from person to person. For more reviews search Specialised Personal Training on google.

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