The problem with clean eating..

So this morning I was getting ready for work at 6am ready to head out the door with my coffee mug and bam flip it over and it topples all over the place.

Great start to the day! So it’s obviously going to be a bad day!

Well not necessarily.

But it kind of  reminds me of what happens to clean eaters sometimes. 

So what’s a clean eater? Well eating clean means having all non-processed whole foods and no junk food whatsoever. There is also normally a list of “clean foods” and “bad foods” to which you should adhere to.

So you will hear people say all you need to do is to eat clean and train hard.

This is great in theory. But what happens when life gets in the way or when the person trying to eat clean has a bad day at work?

All too often, if the clean eater goes wrong and has some chocolate or cake after a bad day, it throws their diet completely off. Because now they’ve failed. So might aswell eat the whole packet of biscuits and start fresh tomorrow right? Or if it’s a Friday, then worse still start back eating clean from Monday!

Maybe that sounds familiar!

So the problem with that type of diet is it’s too hard to stick to. I was at a seminar last weekend by Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition and he said something that resonated with me. “The best diet is one that you can adhere too.” Because if you stick with it, you will get results.  As I’ve mentioned in this previous post, consistency is key. Any diet that is too restrictive is never going to last long term, and the person ends up frustrated by their lack of will power.

So with that said, a good balance to shoot for is 90/10. 90% of your food from good whole non-processed sources and 10% of the other stuff (maybe some chocolate or the odd processed food.)

This gives you some flexibility, but will still give you results.

There is no one food that will make you fat. Carb’s by themselves don’t make you fat, but eating too much of them will!

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be all chicken and brocolli!

For more advice or if you need help to structure your eating plan e-mail me

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