Don’t stop now

Do you remember?

At the start of the year you most likely had some resolutions for your health and fitness this year. 

And if you were reading my e-mails and posts you would have came up with a reason “why” you wanted to achieve that goal 😉

Now, this is the point at which most people stop.

We’re 12 weeks into the New Year and the resolutions start to fade.

Remember why you started in the first place.

What did you tell yourself? How will you feel if you give up now?

Don’t let yourself fall victim to self sabotage!

If you have dropped off for a bit, now is the time to get back into it! It happens to us all at times when life gets in the way!

2 or 3 weeks isn’t going to be a big deal over the course of a year. It’s when those 2-3 weeks turn into months and all of a sudden you’re looking back at another year of what could have been!

Over the long weekend you can reflect on what went well over the last 12 weeks and set new goals for the next 12.

Small chunking your goals into smaller blocks has been shown to improve motivation and focus.

If you need help and accountability then click here .

Talk soon


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