What’s your story?

Hey reader

What’s your story?

I don’t mean your personal life story.

I mean the story you tell yourself that justifies where your body is at right now and how you feel.

One of the key areas for success i mention in my seminars is responsibility.

It’s also one of the success principles i give to my clients.

You see it’s easy to make excuses about why we haven’t achieved our goals.

Alot of us tend to make stories up in our minds that make us feel better.

“I have no time for the gym..

“I work too late…

“I have bad genetics..

“I don’t have the money to spend on fitness…

“I wouldn’t be able to lift weights with my injuries..

Are you bored yet?!

Maybe some of those sound familiar.
Yes, some of these might be legitimate, but you can still get past them.

Don’t have time? Get up earier! Do whatever you can. Look at where you waste 30 minutes per day (is it facebook?) and exercise instead.

Work too late? Same as above.

Bad genetics? This one is a cop out. Some are luckier than others. But you can change your body no matter what your genetics are.

Don’t have money?  What you really mean is you don’t value your body enough to spend money on health and fitness. But you still go out and spend 100 euro on a night out. Print out the last 3 months bank statements and see where your money is going. You will be surprised!

Our mind is a funny thing and it can help us or sabotage us.

So if you have been making excuses in your head, i want you to stop.

Make a declaration to yourself today: “I am the only one who can change my body”.

You will be happy you did.

Did any of that resonate with you?

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