5 tips for your Christmas party

So Christmas is upon us and no doubt you have a Christmas party coming up or maybe you’ve already had it.

Here’s some tips on how to have some ‘damage control’ when you go out for food and drinks.

1. Exercise that day.
Even if it’s only some running, ideally some weight training, exercising that day will help minimise the energy intake and increase energy output for the day.

2. Have protein and Vegetables
If you are going out to a restaurant and you know it’s going to be a big 3 course meal, then leave some room for it!
Either don’t eat that much during the day, or minimise your carbohydrate intake during the day. So you are essentially budgeting your carbs and calories.

3. Drink water
If you are drinking copious amounts of alcohol, then you will be dehydrated.
Try having lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. If you can, sneak in some glasses in between drinks!
Your head will thank you in the morning too!

4. Be sensible
Apart from making sure you are not the office ‘idiot’ that made a fool of themselves at the Christmas party, just be sensible and try not to completely binge on food and alcohol.

5. Alcohol
Drink shorts with diet drinks
Save yourself the sugar and have diet 7up or diet coke instead.

Ok that’s it for now. Keep to these 5 things and you will limit the damage.

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