5 things you need to stop doing

Are you sick of reading lists telling you what you need to do?

But what if you just stopped doing a few things you’re already doing?!

Some of the major things that are affecting your results.

So here we go 5 things you need to eradicate. 

  1. Making excuses

Are you full of excuses about why you’re not in the shape you want to be?

“It’s my slow metabolism” “I don’t have time”

“It costs too much to eat healthy”

Are you bored yet?  Take responsibility for yourself and stop being a victim.

No matter what your excuse is, there is always a solution if you are willing to put in the effort. The most common one is time. But I’ve said before if you have 90 minutes a week then you have enough time to exercise. Read more about that in this book.

  1. Binging on weekends

“I’m really good during the week but the weekends…”

If I had a euro for every time I heard that one!

[tweetthis]Unfortunately, your body doesn’t stop counting calories on weekends[/tweetthis].

You can have the odd treat here and there, but if you binge on weekends your wrecking your progress over the week.

If you feel the need to binge on weekends, then it’s probably something to do with your diet during the week. Possibly it’s too restrictive and you’re eating perfectly clean and then the weekend is like a reward for all the good behavior.

You’d be better off fitting in the odd treat during the week so you don’t feel the need to binge. See this post on clean eating.

  1. Having a crappy breakfast

It could also be not having breakfast in the first place. Some people aren’t hungry and get away without having breakfast. But for most people, it’s better to have a good breakfast to set you up for the day.

A good breakfast isn’t Kellogg’s Corn flakes, coco pops, cherries. These do very little for you in terms of nutrients. They are also mostly high in sugar which isn’t a good way to start off the day. Not because you will instantly store fat, but it won’t keep you full for long and you’re more likely to get a crash throughout the day. A high protein breakfast like eggs and avocado or greek yogurt and blueberries would be a better option.

  1. Doing random spurts of Exercise

Do you go through phases with Exercise?

One week you go to every class the gym is offering, and the next you try something different.

Variety is good in exercise, but if you’re always doing something random and un-progressive, you won’t see much change to your body.

Maybe you know someone who’s been doing classes for years and their body still looks the same.

Exercise should be a planned, structured and progressive process. If you can see that your lifting more weight than you were last week, then that’s a good sign you are getting stronger and giving your body a stimulus to adapt to, which is what you should be getting from Exercise.

  1. Going to bed late

Sleep is an important factor for fat loss and general wellbeing. Apart from being tired and unproductive the next day, you’re more likely to make bad choices when you’re tired and looking for energy. As well as messing with your bodies hormones. Sleep deprivation decreases leptin (the appetite suppressing hormone) and increases ghrelin (stimulates appetite).

If you would like to talk about your goals and a strategy then head on over to the consultation page here.

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