Consistency + Simplicity = Results

Consistency plus simplicity.

That’s the formula that differentiates people who achieve health and Fitness with those who don’t.

We all start the New year with lot’s of motivation and pump ourselves up with feel good quotes etc

But when motivation starts to go, it’s the person who is consistent no matter what that wins.

If you decided to go to the gym twice per week this year, you’ll still do better than the person who aimed to go 5 times a week and does it for a few weeks before falling out of the routine.

KISS (Keep it simple stupid!)

We tend to over complicate it sometimes too,

Looking for the next best program or magic pill that will help us get results when all we need to do is stick with the basics.

That means sticking to an exercise routine, measuring progress and then switching it up after progress stalls.

That doesn’t mean hopping to a different program after one week!

Obviously, you want to vary it up somewhwat so you don’t get bored, but doing something different or random each time you go to the gym isn’t going to get results.

For your Nutrition, the same thing. Prepare some of your meals in advance, change 1-2 things at a time, drink plenty of water and track improvements in body composition.

So, to summarise, stay consistent and keep it simple!

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