The biggest mistake people make trying to achieve their goals..

There’s a number of mistakes people make when it comes to achieving their health and fitness goal. But one of the biggest one is looking for a quick fix.

It’s understandable.

You are not feeling good about the weight you have gained and you just want to get out of that pain as quick as possible.

That’s why cleanses and juice fasts, fat burners do so well, they promise you a quick solution to your pain.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

If it took you over a year to gain the weight, do you think it’s going to be realistic to have it gone within 4 weeks?

The most sustainable approach will always be looking at your diet and exercise.

With Nutrition, you want to make sure you don’t just drastically cut all carbohydrates out. Sure, you will lose some weight but then you can’t keep it off and go back to square one.

Start out exercising with weights 3 times a week and a modest reduction in your calories.

When weight loss plateau’s, (and it will) reduce calories slightly again and add in some more exercise or cardio.

The key is to measure and see how your body is responding, then make changes if needed.

A good structured weight training program will help you build lean muscle tissue and reduce body fat.

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