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Pain and gain

So I’m just back from the dentist for a clean and boy was that painful! I even listened to music on my headphones to try take my mind off the pain! Anyway, it’s something that had to be done. I … Continue reading

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Exercise is like a drug

Slightly ‘out there’ subject line I know! Don’t worry I’m not about to tell you a magic drug you can take to shrink fat! I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again. Time is the main excuse people give … Continue reading

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What’s your routine?

So this week didn’t start off great for me.  I got back to Dublin late and then went for a few drinks that night. Celebrate the Irish winning..any excuse eh?! All good fun but I paid for it on Monday! … Continue reading

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Should Exercise be fun?

There’s a few of us who enjoy exercise and can’t wait to get into the gym and “feel the burn”! For the majority of people however, this is not the case.

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Are you pushing yourself?

So yesterday was my leg day session (the most dreaded day of the week!) I wasn’t feeling too energetic but nonetheless was determined to push through it.

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Progressive Overload- The key to changing your body

One of the main mistakes you see in the gym is a lack of real effort. Most people don’t push themselves hard enough during their workout. The body is a very adaptable organism.

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Increase your metabolism

Often people who struggle to lose weight will say they have a “slow metabolism”. However this is more often an issue caused by poor diet and a lack of proper exercise.

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Program design

So how do you design an effective program that will give you the most from your gym session and keep you burning calories long after you leave the gym?

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Intensity is key – Exercise for busy people

John completed his 12 reps on the chest press and was about to rest and move on to the next exercise before I stopped him. “How was your set on that exercise, John? John: Yes, good. Could you have done … Continue reading

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